Easy to Pay with Venmo




Venmo is a one to one payments app. It lets us send money to friends so that we don’t have to use cash.  it also provide a social conections. For instance, you can see your a contact’s public transaction history. Users can share what he or she spent their money on  their posts.You can use Venmo to pay anyone in the US, if they do have Venmo  or not

Venmo is very nice and funny app. it allow the user to see where his or her friend split the money or how much did they spend this week and where did they go and spent their money at.

its very easy to create a Venom account. you cab Download Venmo for iOS or Android You can sign up for Venmo using your email or connecting to your Facebook then create a password, and verify your phone number . Once you’re done with all these steps then you will need to complete your Venmo profile by creating a username

The next step is to sync Venmo with your device’s address book. Doing so will allow you to easily find, pay, and share payments with contacts in your address book, such as your family and friends. When you open Venmo, you will immediately see your Friends list, you can also go down into the list and see which one of your friends use Venmo, you might be able to see what they’ve spent money on,  you can also see your own transaction history and allows you to start a new payment. you also will have something that called the Menu options on iOS: is allow you to search People, Scan Code, Transfer to Bank, Purchases, Notifications, etc…and Settings.

after finishing registering or creating a Venmo account. now its time to add your bank account to the app so you will be able to use this app as your debit card or credit card any where in the world.

some nice things about this app is you can schedule a payment anytime you want to be paid and the app will automatic set that for you. you can also transfer money from your account to your friend bank account and it will take about 2 days to have the transaction done with no fees added.

Venmo can work with Sire on the Apple devices. when you tell the device to pay or schedule payment with the amount that you would like to pay it will does it for you easily


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