The best of Group me


Group me is app group massaging app, that started in 2010 and it got delivered to the consumer in the right way. Many people been using this app for the last few years until now days. The good thing about this up is that work with many platform such as Mac and android and berry. It’s also work with the old phone. Not smart phones. The user can just text the group number from his or her cell phone. The nice option about this app, is that you can share your location with your group member.

I had really good experience last year when I was on vacation with friends and how easy to find each other location through group me. With Group me app the members can all each other for free with no charge. They can also have a group conference call when all the people speak to each other on the same time. Many people use this function especially students and workers/employees. Group me is the solution to the most people who doesn’t have unlimited calls. with this app we can send pictures and videos  and unlimited massages from any location without any charges.

People can share photos and video easily with Group me, what I mean by that is we can take quick snap from the app and it will go direct to the group that we are talking too which will save the user few steps into taking the image through the phone then go to the photo and select and then send. Another nice option with group me is that the user doesn’t need to have sim card or have service with any provider to make call. Group me app can be connected to any Wi-Fi connection around you then you can make call, test, etc to any place in the world for free.

Group me is an app that can be download and work on the computer. Many people would like to make calls and be connected to their group massage through the computer instead of the phone. So this can be done only by Group me.  As an experience that I had with this app is very useful. I use it a lot with my coworkers and my classmate since its very easy to chat with people and be involved in  most of the conversation with your team at school or work


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