WeChat is one of the famous social media channels, its Asian app that allow for free massaging which make it a competitor to the yahoo messenger, viber and many else. This app is unique app with some functions which make it better than any messenger app. WeChat will can be download on any device such as Apple, Samsung and any android devices. WeChat allow the user to send text massage, images, videos and music files. With WeChat you can send many colored stickers for free which is a good combination between Viber and WhatsApp.

You can also create a live chat with more than one person. It could be done by texting or call. You can also make video call face to face with friends and families around the world. what make WeChat especial is that you can make video call and play music in the same time and have people on the line to listen to Music as well.

With we chat you can make a lot of friends with one touch. It has function that can search on the people around the user with specific distention. you can also have the app search for people with different group such as people who like to play video games or people who goes to Georgia State University. Another good function with WeChat is that you can connect the app to the computer. Which help the user to do everything through your computer. That app can also be connected with Facebook, once you post any thing on Facebook will get shared with friends on WeChat.

WeChat has built in photo editor. That will help the user to edit their images and videos. Many people use Photoshop to edit their images but with WeChat all this can be done with few and easy steps

The great function that I notices when I went to Asia last year. People their will get Wechat connected to their bank account. Which will help them to use this app as electronic wallet to pay for their expenses such as purchasing items at stores, pay for taxi and many thing else.

Personally I use WeChat a lot for work. I deal a lot with international vendors. WeChat helped me a lot for efficient communications. Instead of us sending email back and forth. Now with WeChat all these communication can be done easily. And I believe WeChat channel will become very important in the future. use the link below to download the app




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