Guest post
I would like to introduce to a new emerging social networking and party app Nocto. Nocto is a new nightlife & events app that intends to revolutionize the nightlife scene. The idea of the app is to let you “know before you go”. Nocto shows you real-time pictures and videos from within the events around you, posted by the people who are at that particular location.
Nocto helps you find the most fitting events for you with your preferred music type, crowd and the right atmosphere. By contributing with your own insights (videos, pictures) you can collect Nocs that can be spent on drinks, entrances and line skips. The Nocto app at the moment covers 4000+ venues in more than 40 countries.
The new emerging app tries to solve two problems with one solution. For people who spend a lot of energy, time and money to find a nightlife scene that suits their needs. The reason why people have this problem is because there is a lack of platforms, apps, websites that provide unbiased real-time information.
Another problems comes from the entertainment businesses, venues knowing very little about their clients. This causes problems when they try to establish relationships with their customers. For the venues the app provides knowledge for the venues about what their customers preferences are, and what they share with their friends. Another benefit is the ability to promote their upcoming events, also a better and deeper understanding of their demographic. Finally, a chance to attract customers by offering specials on drinks and entrances.
So this is where Nocto comes up with one solution to two problems. People upload content themselves from within the venues to help people pick and find a place based on the music, atmosphere and crowd, and in doing so, collect Nocs that can be spent on drinks, entrances, line skips. The venues get to use the qualitative data they obtain. This can be used to understand why and what people are sharing and learn about the demographic that usually visits their venue.
If you are a club, bar, lounge or any other nightlife event venue I suggest you register on Nocto because it has the potential to become a great marketing and advertisement platform.

This is a guest post from Martynas Zakaitis

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